Who says only rich and well-to-do folks can enjoy casino gaming; or some online-betting for that matter? One of our fave casinos of all-time, Winner Casino certainly has something to say about it! For this coming month of November, Winner Casino opens the casino industry gates wider, with their announcement of the Winner Casino November 2015 Promotions. Highlighting refreshed and improved versions of the well-known casino rewards from Winner Casino, the new promos would certainly make casino gamers feel war and excited in the mid of Autumn season!

Multi-Level Casino Bonuses for a Wider Casino Gaming Audience!

Let’s face the facts – not all casino gamers are in it for the money; and coincidently, not all casino players play just for the sake of having fun too. Apparently, some casino players even play just for the heck of it! Anyhow, the bottom-line is that every casino punter plays for their own reasons, and the Winner Casino Promotions were formed to satisfy that vast assortment of preferences.

In addition to Winner Casino’s generous Free Spins bonus, the casino management has decided to transform the casino’s bonuses and perks into three (3) separate types: Casino Bonus for Casual Gaming, Casino Bonus for Serious Gaming, and Casino Bonus for Hard Core Gaming. These would certainly make the wide selection of games at Winner Casino more enjoyable and exciting!

Casino Bonus for Casual Gaming from Winner Casino

Apparently aimed at the casual casino gamers or those just starting on a possibly momentous online gaming career, the Regular Bonus of Winner Casino grants a sizeable amount of 200%, up to €350. To illustrate here’s a concrete example of the bonus’ computation:

  • Player Deposit [€100] + [(100*2.0) Winner Casino Bonus Rate] = €300 Total Casino Credits

Casino Bonus for Serious Gaming from Winner Casino

For casino players who ‘d like to step it up several notches on their gaming levels, the Mid Roller Bonus sports a 100% bonus rate, and ramps up the ceiling amount up to €700. Here’s a sample computation for this bonus:

  • Player Deposit [€700] + [(700*1.0) Winner Casino Bonus Rate] = €1,400 Total Casino Credits

Casino Bonus for Hard Core Gaming from Winner Casino

Now this bonus is for our serious, hard core casino gamers out there. Boasting of a 50% Bonus rate with a maximum amount of up to €1,250, saying this is “serious business” could be quite an understatement.

  • Player Deposit [€2,500] + [(2,500*0.5) Winner Casino Bonus Rate] = €3,750 Total Casino Credits

Additionally, these new bonuses are certainly useable on all gaming platforms of the casino: for Winner Casino Download client for PC/Laptop, for Winner Casino Instant Play, and for Winner Casino Mobile gaming. Like the usual high standard of Winner, these casino bonuses are protected with robust Winner Casino Payment Methods security protocols.

Fight those chilly November winds and Play with Winner Casino ASAP!

Last updated on October 19, 2023