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Wizard of Oz Slot

Relive the adventure of the classic movie The Wizard of Oz with this iconic slot game of the same name from WMS. This is the first Wizard of Oz themed slot game ever made. Fans of the game can get transported back to the Land of Oz where Dorothy and Toto followed the Yellow Brick Road and met great characters along the way.

Staying True to the Wizard of Oz Characters

Wizard of Oz Slot features icons stamped with the famous characters that made this movie a classic. You’ll be happy to see Judy Garland’s adorable smiling face in one icon and the Tin Man, the brave Lion and the Scarecrow happily smiling together in another. Even the misunderstood Wicked Witch of the West gets her own profile photo stamped in one of the many icons in this game. Other memorable elements like the hurricane that swept Kansas, the ruby red shoes, a hot air balloon and a cute picture of Toto in a basket made the cut.

Wizard of Oz Slot Special Icons

The icon with the Wizard of Oz written on it acts as the wild in this slot game. It can take the place of any other icon except the Feature and the Jackpot.

The Feature icon is represented by a picture of Emerald City. Get 3 scattered Feature to appear in reels 1, 3 and 5 and the Oz Pick Feature will be triggered. Once this is triggered you get to choose from 3 different prizes. You can pick from the cash prize, the Road to Emerald City feature or the Winged Monkey feature. If you are playing all the pay lines you may only choose the Road to Emerald City feature.

The Winged Monkey feature lets you win free spins while the Road to Emerald City leads you to the Yellow Brick Road with emeralds scattered about. These emeralds contain either a cash prize or a character. If you select a character you will be let to the character land where you get to choose from gold charms. Behind the gold charms are the photos of the characters or a way to return to the Yellow Brick Road where you can select more prizes.  If you don’t reveal a character when you select from the gold charms you return to the Yellow Brick Road. Here you get to select a prize with an accompanying multiplier that doubles your prize.

The Jackpot icon is the one thing that can give the most prizes. Land 3 or more of these in one spin and you can get the highest possible prize.

Glinda The Good Witch

Glinda the Good Witch will pop in at unexpected moments to turn entire reels into wild icons. You can’t miss Glinda on this feature as she waltzes in covering the entire set of reels and waves her magic wand to magically change the icons.

While playing Wizard of Oz play with Bitcoin to deposit or withdraw your winnings easily. This fun and remarkable game is something that you should try at least once in your life. Even if you don’t win, which is highly doubtful as there are so many chances of winning, the amazing references to the characters will transport you back to the wonderful Land of Oz.